Issues Committee

If you have questions regarding the issues identification process for
Superior Days 2017, please contact:

Charlie Glazman, Issues Committee Co-Chair

Dave Minor, Issues Committee Co-Chair

James Anderson, Superior Days Coordinator

Issues Identification Meeting

On October 26th the Douglas County issues identification meeting was held, earlier in October Bayfield County and the City of Ashland met to identify issues.

This linked document lists the issues identified as potential issues for 2017 Superior Days.  The Superior Days Issues Committee will work to identify the final slate of issues for the 32nd Superior Days on February 21 and 22, 2017.

Issues Committee

Issue Committee Dates:

• Noon, Monday, November 7.  Minutes and notes below.
• Noon, Tuesday, November 22.  Minutes and notes below.
• 11am, Thursday, December 8. Minutes and notes below.

All Issues Committee meetings are at noon and held at WITC-Superior and WITC-Ashland (connected by ITV) – unless otherwise noted.

Issues Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, Nov. 7th Attendance: James Anderson, Daniel Fanning, Jim Biros, Andy Lisak, Jim Caesar, Doug Finn, Pat Ryan, Jim Paine, Mark Liebaert, Fred Strand, Charlie Glazman, Pat Schanen, Mark Abeles-Allison, and Deb Lewis.

  • Issue write-ups need to be fully completed by January 10th to finalize typesetting the Superior Days program.
  • The issues identified during the issues identification sessions in Douglas and Bayfield Counties were reviewed, grouped, and some were tabled.  These can be found in this document: summaryofproposed2017issues_cmtmeeting1_sort
  • Some supporting news articles concerning issues discussed:
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 22 at noon and held at WITC-Superior and WITC-Ashland.
Tuesday, Nov. 22nd Attendance: James Anderson, Daniel Fanning, Jim Biros, Andy Lisak, Jim Caesar, Pat Ryan, Jim Paine, Mark Liebaert, Fred Strand, Charlie Glazman, Mark Abeles-Allison, Deb Lewis, Scottie Sandstrom, Dale Kupczyk, Shelley Faul, Kara Schmidt, Jim Taray.

  • The committee further refined the issues, identifying 7 legislative issues, and 16 agency issues.
  • Legislative issues assigned for write-ups.
  • Write-up drafts are due Tuesday, December 6th to
  • Next meeting is on Thursday, December 8th at 11am.  WITC-Superior room 306, WITC-Ashland room 305.  Room assignment may change.
Thursday, Dec. 8th

Delegates and Interested Persons in Attendance: Jim Biros, Pat Ryan, Jim Taray, Pat Schanen, Doug Finn, Jesica Hehir, Jim Caesar, Dave Minor, Shelley Faul, Charlie Glazman, Dan Corbin, Bruce Thompson, Fred Strand, James Anderson, Mark Abeles-Allison, Tim Kane, Scottie Sandstrom, and Dale Kupczyk.

Legislative Issues:

The following issues were selected for the 32nd Superior Days platform:

Three Main Legislative Issues and a Thank You:

  • Support exposition district for Better City Superior: Support for expansion of Exposition Districts for small market communities.
  • 1/2% sales tax for county road maintenance: Pilot program for NW Wisconsin (counties TBD based on AB210).
  • Request increased PILT (payment in lieu of taxes) for county forest lands: request increase from 30-cents to $1 per acre.
  • Support (and thank for support) for UWS and WITC: Support budget proposal and thank for continued support.

The following issues will be included in the issues book, discussed with Governor or staff (if meeting is possible), and might be brought up during lobbying visits:

For Discussion with Governor and Issue Briefs in Issues Book:

  • Modernization of 9-1-1 System Not specific to NW Wisconsin, but has merit.
  • Reinstate counties’ ability to enact more local control over shoreland zoning ordinance standards. Not specific to NW Wisconsin, but has merit.
  • Provide counties with increased regulatory authority to safeguard their water . Not specific to NW Wisconsin, but has merit.

Agency Issues:

The slate of agency issues is currently unchanged, except the Veteran’s issue is being pulled.  However, we will attempt to schedule a meet and greet with the new Veteran’s Administration head.

Agency Meetings:

Small tactical lobbying groups will be formed for the following agency visits:

  • DHHS
  • DOJ
  • Extension

Large agency meetings will be scheduled with the following, at the Concourse Hotel:

  • DNR
  • WisDOT

A working agenda will be assembled and posted in the coming week or two.  Visit for the most current information, and it will also be provided in the Superior Days eNewsletter.