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 Youth Delegates Played a Key Role in Superior Days

A diverse group of residents from northwest Wisconsin collaborate to enhance and build upon the area’s relationship with Wisconsin state government.  Youth delegates play a key role in Superior Days.  They are involved in the planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating all aspects of Superior Days.

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Discover how Superior Days works for youth:  Superior Days Youth Training 2017

Youth Agenda

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Superior Days Youth Meetings Set


Superior Days Youth Delegation 2017 by Sharon Krause

Superior Days youth increase their knowledge and civic skills during the Superior Days process.  They help plan Superior Days by identifying issues important to their community and choosing a Keynote Speaker for their banquet to talk about a specific issue.  They also plan what activities they will do when not lobbying, such as job shadowing, agency visits or special tours.

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Purpose of Student Participation

Increase the knowledge and civic skills of youth in the Superior Days process. Raise the perceptions among adults as to the contributions that area youth can make through adult-youth partnerships. Assist teens in communicating with state government through development of a “Youth Agenda.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age for a youth delegate?
Students between the ages of 16 and 18, depending on the maturity level.

What are the costs for the youth?
Usually there are no costs, except for personal spending for youth who are sponsored by schools or agencies.

Who pays?
Local area school districts and youth organizations, such as 4-H clubs.

Is spending money provided to the youth participants?
No funds are provided for free time expenses.  Youth must provide their own funds for special activities.

What activities are there to do when free time is allotted?
Each group pre-plans special activities.  In the past, youth delegates have attended basketball or hockey games, if the Badgers were playing.  They can also enjoy shopping and dining on Madison’s State Street.

What do students wear?
Youth should wear business/dress-up type clothing for all meetings held in Madison during Superior Days.  Youth have some free time during their trip in which they can wear casual clothes.

How do I get to Madison?
Contact your youth chaperones or Sharon Krause, Youth Coordinator for transportation information.

Superior Days Youth Delegates Forms

Glossary of Terms

What do SD Youth Delegates Do

Faces and Places of SD 2016

Health Form 2017

Superior Days Youth Expectations Statement


Sharon Krause

4-H Youth Development Educator
University of Wisconsin-Extension, Douglas County
Douglas County Courthouse, 1313 Belknap Street, Room 107
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715-395-1365
Fax:  715-395-1399
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