Issues Update – Dec 5th

2018 Superior Days Issues Update

Following December 4, 2017 Issues Committee Meeting

The issues committee met on Monday, December 4th. 23 Superior Days delegates and interested community members were in attendance.  Mayor Jim Paine led the group through a process, which first struck any issues that did not meet the Superior Days 3-part “acid test,” or issues sponsors wished to pull.

Legislative Issues

Following the meeting, 10 potential legislative issues have been identified (first linked document below).  This list needs to be narrowed to approximately 5-issues by the end of December.  Issues that receive full write-ups, and legislative sponsorship will receive top priority for the final legislative lobbying agenda. The second linked document, includes the status of all issues brainstormed at the January issues identification meeting.

Legislative Documents:

Agency Issues

16 agency issues were also identified, across eight (8) agencies.  The final adoption of agency issues will depend on the sponsor submitting a written issue statement. The first linked document below lists the 16 identified agency issues, and the second document provides the status for each issue that was brainstormed in October.

Agency Documents:

Next Steps

Legislative and Agency issue sponsors have been given direction, and asked to respond with issue write-ups and other actions to advance the issue by December 31.  A final list of issues that will comprise the 2018 Superior Days lobbying agenda will be published around the first week of January, 2018.