2015 Issues


1/2% Local Options Sales Tax for County Highway Projects
Sponsor:  Andy Lisak
Agency:  DOT/DOA

Mental Healthcare Services in Rural Wisconsin
ponsor:  Betsy Byler
Agency:  DHS/DOA/CF

9-1-1 Funding
Sponsor:  Keith Kesler/Jan Victorson
Agency:  DOA

Support Expansion of Highway 2 to a Four-Lane between Superior and Hurley WI
Sponsor: Scottie Sandstrom, Dale Kupczyk

Support a Thriving Forest Product Industry in Wisconsin
Sponsor:  Mark Abeles-Allison
Agency:  DNR

Issues – Agency

Wetland Regulations
Sponsor:  Dale Kupczyk
Agency:  DNR

Job Creation and Retention Funding
Sponsor: Dale Kupczyk
Agency:  WEDC

Strategic Salt Reserve/State Highway Maintenance
Sponsor: Dale Kupczyk
Agency: DOT

PILT Payments for County Forest Lands
Sponsor: Mark Abeles-Allison
Agency: DNR, DOA

Support Development of Dementia Services and Infrastructure in NW WI
Sponsor: Carrie Linder
Agency:  DHS, CF

Expanding Telecommunication Infrastructure
Sponsor: Brian Goodwin
Agency: DOA

Further Increase Broadband Availability in Northwest Wisconsin
ponsor: Tom Wojciechowski, Amy Nosal
Agency:  DPI, WEDC, DOA

Incentives for Trails
Sponsor: Mark Abeles-Allison
Agency:  DNR, TOUR, DOT

Highway 13 Passing Lanes
Sponsor: Dale Kupczyk
Agency:  DOT, WEDC

Research Facility at the USGS Vessel Dock Site in Ashland
Sponsor: Dale Kupczyk
Agency:  DOA

Revolving Loan and Venture Capital Shortages in NW Wisconsin
Sponsor: Mark Abeles-Allison
Agency:  DOA, WEDC

Driver Safety at the Intersection of Highways 53 and 77 in Minong
Sponsor: Northwood Students, Karen Duffy
Agency:  DOT

Study to Research Relocating State Jobs to NW WI via use of Telecommunication Technology
Sponsor: Ian Meeker
Agency:  WEDC, DOA

Off-Premise Signage Along State Highways
Sponsor:  Robert Schierman
Agency:  DOT, WEDC