Committee Structure

The majority of the planning and preparation for Superior Days activities are completed through the work of the established committees.  All participants are encouraged to take an active part in the planning process and are welcome to join a committee.  Contact the committee chair or the Superior Days office at 715-395-1363 for more information.


Registration Committee

The Registration Committee hosts the Superior Days registration table during the event.  This committee also assists with registration at the issues identification, planning and training meetings.

Chair:  Cathy Beebe

Issues Identification

The Issues Committee reviews identified issues from public issues identification meetings.  The committee members also recommend issues that will be a part of the Superior Days platform.  Responsibilities also include assigning the tasks of writing issue statements, final editing and preparation for the Superior Days program.

The issues that are brought to Madison are selected through an annual nominal group process in which every person has an equal voice.  Participants break into small groups to discuss issues that they feel are important to the area.  The issues are designated “legislative” or “agency” issues.

Legislative issues have a widespread impact on Northern Wisconsin and require support from the state legislature, while agency issues only require the support of the respective agency.  The small group then narrows the list down, and eventually the group as a whole decides democratically which issues will be presented at Superior Days.

Agency issues are issues that do not require legislative action.  While in Madison, the Superior Days participants meet with all major State Departments to discuss items of importance to Northwestern Wisconsin.  Attendance by all Superior Days delegates is vital for support.  Experts provide the needed information, and facilitators run the sessions.

Chairs:  Dave Minor and Charlie Glazman 

Fundraising Committee

This committee will assist the superior Days co-chairs and coordinator with outreach to existing and potential donors for Superior Days.  Superior Days could not happen without the generous support of governmental entities, businesses, and other stakeholders.

Chair:  Keith Allen 

Reception & Guest Greeters Committee

This committee is charged with coordinating volunteers to greet VIP guests attending the Superior Days reception and showcase.

Chair:  Daniel Fanning 

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee with host the Superior Days hospitality room, assist with seeking community donations for food and supplies, prepare the room, and clean between uses.  The adult hospitality room will be supervised during all open hours.

Chairs: Mary Lou Bergman, Pay Ryan and Butch Liebaert

NW Showcase Committee

This committee will develop new branding for what has been known as the Parade of Products.  Assist with recruiting participants and assisting the array of products, services, and agencies on display.

Chair:  Warren Bender